Updated: 3 January 2022

The PanAm 103 Air-Tragedy
Disclosure of "Lockerbie Affair"

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3 January, 2022

Enough is enough! Police Scotland need to stop the «delay tactics» and must provide answers to the 10 accusations in the «Criminal complaint against Police Scotland» by MEBO Ltd.

On the occasion of the 33rd memorial year of the Lockerbie tragedy, many reports have been published online and in the press. The well-intended call for a newn investigation by «The Nation» is obsolete because Edwin Bollier & MEBO Ltd. cleared and debunked then deliberately constructed evidential fraud through a «Criminal Complaint against Police Scotland.

The «Criminal Complaint» was filed at Police Scotland and Crown Office on 11th November 2020 by MEBO’S attorney Dr Dieter Neupert. It would take months or even years to convince the authorities to start a new investigation. The facts and evidence are already on the table and Police Scotland need to act immediately without further delays...

They must now make a move by answering the 10 most important accusations in the «Criminal Complaint against Police Scotland – Operation Sandwood». It is now more than a year since MEBO filed this «Criminal Complaint against Police Scotland». The only reaction so far was a letter on 23rd April 2021 to our lawyer, saying that the complex complaint is under assessment.

Several requests for a personal meeting in Scotland remained unanswered. It took them 4 years to prepare the questionable «Operation Sandwood Report».

We concluded that the investigation was not properly conducted. After the written complaint we intended to explain the accusations in detail to avoid further misunderstandings. It is difficult to understand why Police Scotland seems to purposely delay the assessment and not provide answers to the accusations.

Is it inefficiency that they need so much time? Independent experts, familiar with the case, would be able to confirm the described lies and manipulations in a very short time.

It is now time to speed up the process and stop the neverending «delay tactics». Are they afraid to bring the truth to light?

The politically staged «Lockerbie Affair PanAm 103» against Abdelbaset-al Megrahi and LIBYA could soon backfire to Police Scotland and the Scottish Justice. This case will not go away!

Please visit also LINK: https://lockerbiecase.blogspot.com/

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland