Zurich, 20 March, 2009

In preparation: a comment  about the deliberately manipulated and suppressed details in the "Logbook" SCOTBOM, by Richard A. Marquise.

The "Megrahi Syndrome", a fatal product of Libyan defector, CIA-spy Abdul Magjid Giaka and its boss Dave, with intentional support by SCOTBOM: "Evidence and the Lockerbie Investigation", by task Force FBI Special agent, Richard A. Marquise.

Zurich, 19 March, 2009

The High Court orders further disclosure

Three senior judges yesterday ordered 45 pieces of key evidence to be handed over to the legal team representing the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing in an embarrassing setback for the Crown Office.

The vital documents include a secret fax that could discredit a key prosecution witness.

Tony Gauci' s spontaneous clean statements to Scottish police-officer Harry Bell, after the PanAm 103 attack, 9 months later at the beginning of September 1989, free of charge:

"I do not know exactly when I sold the items to the Libyan man, but that sale was made before the Christmas decorations went up at the Tower Road in Sliema;--- I sold the clothing to in November or December 1988; ---it was short light rain on this evening".

After influence by Harry Bell and with a good payment, Tony Gauci's fatal change in its statement as a witness after 11 years, on 11 July, 2000, at the court in Kamp van Zeist:

"with the visit of the Libyan buyer in the Boutiqe 'Mary's House', the Christmas decorations went up;--- the police had said and I had said, the lights were there when they came to buy;--- I sold the clothing in November or December 1988;--- the sale must have been after half past 6:00 in the evening, about a fortnight before Christmas 1988; ---the sale was midweek, Wednesday, I think; ---when he came by the first time, it wasn't raining, but then it started dripping. Not very-- it was not raining heavily. It was simply-- it was simply dripping, but as a matter of fact he did take an umbrella, didn't he? He bought an umbrella".

Tony Gautci and its seducer belong for this scandalous deed, immediately for 9 years in prison!

by ebol


to The High Court at Edinburgh
Scotland UK

the full text

Zurich 28 of February, 2009


Link: The full text of the Gauci-Saga

Open letter to Tony Gauci
Zurich, March 12, 2009 - English translation

Dear Mr Tony Gauci

Additionally to our call from Saturday I sent you as promised the following documents and fotos for expertise. This letter is not an accusation for your testimony against Mr Abdelbaset al Megrahi at Kamp van Zeist. It is obvious that your statement was influenced by the official investigation and yours and others testimony was turned around against the defendant.

I have already visited you twice in your Boutique "Marys House" concerning this case, last time in early 2008. We are private investigators (MEBO) in the Lockerbie-case and had the same problems with the investigation authorities as you had. As I have told you the new appeal for Mr Abdelbaset al Megrahi will take place on April 27, 2009 in Edinburgh Scotland, (Photo Q14). In at least six points Abdelbasset al Megrahis second appeal was refered to the High Court because of a possible miscarriage of Justice.

Today it is obvious that the photo from Magjid Giaka was not shown to you by police officer, Harry Bell, so you could not compare it with other persons. So you could only give an unappropriate description of the buyer who bougt clothes in your shop on Dezember 7, 1988. Your description of the buyer of the clothes had fatal consequences for Mr Megrahi. He was jailed for 27 years and sits until today, probably innocent, since 9 years in a Scottisch prison !

Today it can be shown that the purchase of the clothes did not take place on Dezember 7, but on November 23, 1988 ! All indications point to this date. Mr Megrahi was not in Malta on November 23, therefore he can not be the buyer.
It looks like you and other persons have been used for political macchinations in the Lockerbie case.

Today we know that the buyer was the Libyan CIA agent Abdul Majgid Giaka, who was since August 1988 on the payroll of the CIA and had received in 1991 political asylum in the USA and lives there under a new identity. For comparison I sent you the photo of Magjid Giaka (Q13) who most probably bought the clothes. This photo was deliberately not shown to you by police officer Harry Bell !

You find the following pictures attached: a robot drawing (Q12); a photo (Q13) of Giaka Magjid; a photo (Q11) of Abu Talb; and a photo (Q14), of *Abdelbaset al Megrahi (*Visafoto (1988) from the Swiss police).

Dsiputable remains why the robot drawing (Q12) of the alleged buyer of the clothes was drawn during the same days when Mr Megrahi was in Malta (Dezember 7-9, 1988) !

At the police questionings you, Mr Gauci, have always explained that Mr. Megrahi looked similar to the buyer of the clothes. Probably you was not 100 percent sure yourself?

I can only hope today that with God's help you will recognize the real buyer of the clothes on photo (Q13). Your statement as witness against Mr Megrahi, father of five children, has great importance at the High Court in Edinburgh and is decisive if Mr Megrahi gets his freedom and honour back ...

With kind regards

Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd, Zurich, Switzerland