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Zurich 28 of February, 2009


MEBO Investigation of ex Key-Witness 595, Anthony Gauci, Boutique "Mary's House", Sliema Malta.
Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier visited Mr Gauci on the 25th of January 2008 in his Boutique, "Mary's House" at Malta.

At the beginning of September 1989 police officers from Scotland and Malta came to visit the shop "Mary's House" at Malta. They made inquiries (PanAm 103 crash) about items of clothing that a customer had bought from Tony Gauci. The officers spoke also with Gauci's brother Paul.
Tony Gauci did not remember the date but allegedly remembered precisely all the clothes he had sold to a unknown Libyan"?" man...

Notabene: The following differences in Gauci's statements have to be considered:

1) the sale was made before the Christmas decorations went up (at the Tower Road in Sliema);
2) before the Christmas light went up, (or on, or off);
3) they had said (the police officers) the lights were there, when they came to buy.

Gauci's statements on the 14th of September 1989 (with clear *influential talks before on September 1 and 8, 1989, by Scottish police officer Harry Bell)

NB: All interviews from Key Witnesses, was recorded on tape by scottish police.
*Matter of facts at the trial at Kamp van Zeist (11th July, 2000):


Q- Do you remember being asked about that by the police when they came to see you?
A- Yes, *they had said. And I had said the lights were there when they came to buy!


In Gauci's first personal interview (beginnig of September 1989, recorded) with Scottish police officer Mr Harry Bell Gauci said: the sale must have been after half past six in the evening, about a fortnight before Christmas 1988.
Allegedly a Libyan citizen bought 2 pieces of Winter trousers label "Yorkie"; 2 pieces of pyjamas, label "John Mallia"; 1 jacket, label "Anglia", manufactured by a company called Bernard. 2 shirts label, "Slalom"; 2 cardigans, fabricated in Tarxien; 1 baby-overall, colour sky-blue and 1 umbrella.

After the PanAm 103 attack, 9 months later by the police visit in his Boutique "Mary's House" at Malta:<
Mr. Gauci didn't know exactly when he sold the items to the Libyan "?" man, but he told the police on beginning of September 1989, in one of this interviews: "that the sale was made before the Christmas decorations went up at the Tower Road in Sliema!

Eleven years later: 11th July, 2000 at the court in Camp van Zeist, witness Gauci gave to protocol that with the visit of the Libyan buyer in the Boutiqe "Mary's House": "the Christmas decorations went up"!

Mebo explains: First Mr. Gauci had given a description of to the police, in this he say:
"I sold the clothing to in November or December 1988". Excerpt from Gaucis statement on the 14th September 1989, Production 458.

MEBO: Was the sale before the Christmas decoration, according to Gauci, then the sale was only between 18th November and the 5th December 1988 (start of the lighting)

> Why: Prod. 424, which will be shown the delivery note of 20 pairs "Yorkie" trouser to Mary's House, from Yorkie Clothing, was dated from 18th of November 1988.
NB: (the Libyan (?) buyer buy 2 pair of trousers, make "Yorkie")

> Gauci say on the court at Kamp van Zeist: A- "the sale was midweek, Wednesday, I think".
Bollier, MEBO determines: We have from 18th November between 5th December, 1988, only two day's of Wednesday; day 23th and day 30th of November.

> On Wednesday, 23th November, 1988, Gauci's brother Paul did not work in the Mary's House that afternoon, as he had gone home to watch a football match on television. On Wednesday 23th of November 1988, Radio Televisione Italiana, RAI 1, RAI 2, RAI 3 for exemple channel RAI 3, Dresden Roma. The transmission was in two parts starting at 16:55 hours local time, finishing at 17:44 hours local time and between 17:58 and 18:44 hours local time.

> The weather forecast for Malta 1988
The weather forecasts of > < for Malta for Wednesday, 23th November; Wednesday, 30th November and Wednesday 7th Dezember 1988, in Malta: Rain or Drizzle, not time-bound, (only forecasts of

Wednesday, 23/11/1988 - n/a 0 n/a - Rain (or Drizzle)
Wednesday, 30/11/1988 - n/a 0 n/a - Rain (or Drizzle)
Wednesday, 07/12/1988 - n/a 0 n/a - Rain (or Drizzle)

The actual weather conditions on the following days and times 1988, in Sliema, Malta (meteomalta):

> Malta Weather: Wednesday, 23th November, 1988, around 19:00 hour, short light rain.

We have received from METEOMALTA the following confirmation: Re. Mail from Malta Sa, 28.02.09

Text: There was some very light rain on 23th November 1988 from 18:00-19:15, while there was no rain on 7th December 1988. Mark Vella, Managing Director

An official report with official signature and stamp is ordered from MEBO Ltd.

> MEBO important: Mr. Abdelbaset al Megrahi, was not in Malta on this time ! (Wednesday 23th of November 1988)

See Gauci's record excerpt by court at Camp Zeist (11 July, 2000) after 11 years, the change:

Q- How long before Christmas, generally, was that?
A- I wouldn't know exactly, but I have never really noticed these things, but I remember, yes, there were Christmas lights. They were on already, I'm sure. I can't say exactly. -----

MEBO: *A clear influence from the police officers!

Q- Do you remember being asked about that by the police when they came to see you?
A- Yes, *they had said. And I had said the lights were there when they came to buy.
Q- Am I right in thinking that you, from the time when the police came first to see you, at the beginning of September, were seen by the police on quite a large number of occasions?
A- Yes, they came a lot of times. They used to come on quite often, didn't they.
Q- And that would be in the months after they came first to see you, was it?
A- Yes.-----

Q- And when you were interviewed by the police on these occasions, was your memory of the sale to the Libyan better than it is now?
A- Yes, of course. That is 12 years--11 years after. I mean, 11 years are a long time for me, but in those days I told them everything exactly, didn't?

Q- And if you told them, in one of these interviews, that the sale was made before the Christmas decorations went up, might that be correct?
A- I don't know. I'm not sure what I told them exactly about this. I belive they were putting up the lights, though, in those times.
Q- But in any event, you explined that explained that you thought it was about a fortnight before Christmas?
A- Something like that, yes because I don't remember all these things, do I, when they put the lights on and when they turned them on. I'm not really interested so much because I don't even put decorations, Christmas decorations myself in my shop.
Q- do you remember what the weather was like when the man came to the shop?
A- When he came by the first time, it wasn't raining, but then it started dripping. Not very-- it was not raining heavily. It was simply-- it was simply dripping, but as a matter of fact he did take an umbrella, didn't he? He bought an umbrella.-----

MEBO facts: The alleged strange cloths found in Lockerbie for example, the blue baby-overall, from Gauci's Boutique "Mary's House" in Malta is the same manipulation as the remaining manipulated proofs like the MST-13 timer fragment and the invented infiltration of a bomb-bag on AirMalta, flight KM-180, by Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi!

Determining central proofs:
On the feeder flight PA-103/B from Frankfurt to London-Heathrow not one Samsonite suitcase - the alleged bomb suitcase, from AirMalta, flight KM-180 to PanAm flight PA-103/B - was loaded, but provable 3 unknown and unaccompanied luggage items from Lufthansa, flight LH-631 from Kuwait, ex tray no. B-4809, B-6001, B-7418; and demonstrable: MST-13 timer delivered from MEBO Ltd to Libya two years before the Lockerbie-tragedy was not involved in the PanAm 103 attack!

NB: The blue baby-overall was not even tested for explosive residues, and Gauci could not show the police a delivery note or a invoice for the baby-overall in this time!
The "subversively" use of an blue baby-overall was developed from Swiss telephone conversation monitoring, December 14-22, 1988 between Bollier and Mr. Ali, a driver in Tripoli and have nothing to do with the PanAm 103 attack! (It concerned Ali's order of a blue baby-overall, size for its 1.5-2 year old for his baby son.)
As the Scottish police officer, Mr.Bell, visited the shop "Mary's House", at 14th of September 1989, there was no baby-overalls on stock.

Further documentation showed that as early as 1989, an FBI agent had advised a Scottish police officer that US$10,000 could be made available in relation to relocation.
A record by one officer read that Paul Gauci was also interviewed, and that "it was apparent when speaking to him he has a clear desire to gain financial compensation".

It is to examine whether in Gauci's statement no. 458, of the 14th September 1989, was recorded the blue baby-overall ?
The blue Baby-Overall was found at Lockerbie after Bollier's police interview in Zurich (autumn 1990) and became additional integrated into the other clothings of Mr. Gauci's "Mary House". Bollier could select by Scottish Police between 5 different blue Baby-Overalls...
(The Interview obout this facts was recorded on 2 tape's, by Scottish Police, Scotland, March 1991)

A doubtful statement made Gauci in the court, Kamp van Zeist (11th July, 2000). Excerpt:

Q- Mr Gauci, Would you look at an item of clothing, Label No.459, please. Do you recognise Label 459?
A- It's underwear, T-shirt.
Q- What make is it?
A- It's Abanderado make.
Q- Did you, in 1988, stock T-shirts of that kind?
A- Yes. Yes. When I sold this one, I didn't sell T-shirts. Perhaps sombody else was there. I never sold him a T-shirt.
Q- You never sold the Libyan gentlemen a T-shirt?
A- On that day, no. On that particular order, no, that we are talking about, no. He could have come another day.

MEBO question: At which other date and at which other buyer bought these T-shirts "Abanderado" make, with Gauci ? And how come that T-shirt "Abanderado", into possession of the Scottish police? Lead this T-shirt on the trace of the person, who put the clothes of Gauci down in Lockerbie scene?
Since demonstrably no suit-case with air Malta KM-180 in Frankfurt airport was reloaded on the feeder flight PanAm, PA-103/B, it can be accepted in all probability that fragments of the clothes of Mary' s House, in Lockerbie with intention were put down.

Various Facts
Prod. 424, which will be shown the delivery note, and it identifies 20 pairs of trousers, for "order" 1705, total 118 "Yorkie" trousers delivered to Mary's House, from Yorkie Clothing, dated 18th November 1988. Also Gauci say on police statement, he sold the clothing to in November or December 1988.
It confirms that Abu Talb, Mohammad, PPSF, PFLP-GC, could not buy "Yorkie" trousers chronological. It was traveled on 26th October 1988 from Malta back to Sweden.

Starting from August 1990, definitive a wrong date was created (7th December, 1988) in order to identify Abdelbaset al Megrahi as buyer of the cloth's in "Mary's House":

After another police interview with Gauci in Malta at the 31th August 1990, the date was specified. Question: Q- Mr Gauci, are you able to say which day of the week it was? A- No, I have no idea. I can't say. I have

The day of the sale of clothes, estimated by Gauci's "Mary's House", was in the middle of the week, that would be on Wednesday 23th or 30th November or Wednesday 7th of December 1988.
Mr. Gauci had given a description of to the police, in this he say: "I sold the clothing to in November or December 1988". Excerpt from Gaucis statement on the 14th September 1989, Production 458.

Dubious, on the same day, Wedensday 7th of December 1988, as Mr Megrahi arrived in Malta, the police provides a Robot-image from the buyer of the sale of clothes by Gauci... (Ref. Swiss police)

Please watch the video setting out the evidence of Maltese shopkeeper Tony Gauci that the Zeist court regarded as justifying the conclusion that Abdelbaset Megrahi was the purchaser of the items that surrounded the bomb that destroyed;
on URL:

Published by police: A Robot-Image (drawing) of the Libyan man who has purchased clothings and a umbrella in the alleged date, Wednesday 7th December 1988, with the shop keeper Tony Gauci (Mary's House) showed in all probability the Libyan CIA spy, Giaka Abdul al Magjid, not Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi.
The date was deliberate manipulated from Wednesday 23th November, to 7th December 1988!
Notabene: Megrahi was only on 7th-9th Decembers in Malta, not on 23th November 1988.

What was the real reason for fabricating a Robot drawing on 7th December 1988, of the Libyan man who has purchased clothings and a umbrella in "Mary's House"? Was Giaka with the Robot photo extorted? This makes of sense...
In the context the clothes purchase by a Libyan in Malta refers to a conspiracy against Libya!
The main witness in the Lockerbie Trial, was the Libyan secret service defector Gjiaka, met CIA agents in Malta 12 times before the PanAm 103 bombing!
Abdul Magjid Giaka, currently in the Witness Protection Programme in the United States, was witness no. 684 in trail at Kamp van Zeist 2000.
For some weeks (2009) the Robot drawing with Googles, Yahoo and BBC (images) was removed...
Compares the original photo of Abdul Magjid Giaka with the Robot drawing by MEBO. (Prod. Q12 and Q13)
NB: Giaka received from the CIA for his "subversive" work, 1989, total US$13'000!

The portrait on the police robot drawing Q12 is to 90% identically with Abdul Magjid Giaka, an Libyan CIA defector, since August 1988...

The same robot drawing Q12 WANTED, is published in the book SCOTBOM: "Evidence and the Lockerbie Investigation", of FBI Specially Agent (Task Force) Richard A. Marquise, with the following text: "FBI artist rendition of the Libyan man said to have purchased clothing and an umbrella in December 1988".

The suspect Crown witness in the Lockerbie Trial, was the Libyan secret service defector for CIA, Abdul Magjid Giaka. Ex Witness no. 684 in Kamp van Zeist.

Meetings continued with his CIA agent in safe houses and the Embassy at Malta, one day before of the Lockerbie Bombing 21th December 1988, and after the bombing on March 1989...

After PanAm 103 crash on March 1989, Mr Giaka Magjid were putting pressure on him from his CIA handlers, to give them more information about Megrahi's arrival on 20th December 1988 at Luqa airport, Malta.

The most serious allegation against the accused Mr. Abdelbaset al Megrahi, was that Giaka claimed that he had seen Megrahi on December 20th at Luqa Airport bringing from Tripoli a Samsonite luggage identical to the one in which the bomb that destroyed Pan Am 103 was hidden. However, the CIA cable "T17" reveals that during the afternoon of December 20th, 1988, Giaka was reporting to his CIA handler in Malta??

MEBO clears up: Giaka's dubious statement does not correspond to the time, because Megrahi with MaltaAir, flight KM107, arrived in the evening around 18:00 clock at Luqa Airport!

Giaka had looked at the visa picture (delivered by Swiss police) identified by Gauci. He said it was Abdelbaset al Megrahi.
Giaka had also looked at *Fhimah's diary. He translated the arabic text written in it. Desisive exemple: "take tags from the airport; Abdelbaset, Abdul Salam" which could be a reference to Megrahi and the bomb-case. Giake, on this time said, neither Fhimah nor Megrahi had any business whit luggage tags as they were only supposed to be placed on bag by MaltaAir.

*A product of it were Fhimah' s notes in its note book:
The diary of Lameen Fhima- MEBO, published end of 1991: what does it really say?

Discussions have been made as to the diary of Lameen Khalifa Fhimah, that FBI "pointed found" at the premises of Fhima's travel company in Malta.
Below is a copy of Fhima's diary entry, dated December 1988. The Crown alleges that this entry shows how Fhimah reminded himself of getting Air Malta tags on the same day as Abdelbaset Megrahi arrived from Zurich.

In the US indictment No. 91-0645, page 11, the Americans wrote:
On or about December 15th, 1988, Lamen Fhimah made the following entries in his diary:
Abdelbaset is coming from Zurich with Salvu....and "take taggs (sic) from Air Malta." On or about December 15th, 1988, Lamen Fhimah made an additional entry in the "Notes" section of his diary: "bring the tags from the airport (Abdelbaset Abdul Salam". ok.
But as it turned out, the American prosecution took the entries out from their original context!

MEBO, published end of 1991: What do the diary entries really say? This is the Arabic translation.
A copy of the diary entry from Fhimah's diary (appendix no. 58) - all labels (text no.) are brought together by a bowed line in the end of their message, made by Fhimah.

Text no. 1: 8. 30 in the morning with the owner of the shop Valetta - OK
Text no. 2: Abdelbaset coming from Zurich
Text no. 3: With Salvu (or Salva)
1) Postbox
2) Half of aluminium price
3) Priority after 4 years (sellor rent)
Text no. 4: X (cross) take TAGGS from Air Malta - OK

Nothing at all in this entry has anything to do with Pan Am 103, as alleged by the prosecution. The tags from Air Malta were taken by Fhimah in order to provide the shop owner in Valetta with some specimen for a production of new tags. Fhimah planned to print his own tags for the travel company. It happened that on this day Megrahi was arriving, and Fhimah made a note about it, in order to know what flight Megrahi was arriving on. Later Fhima reminded himself to check on a business friend, named Salvu.

In addition to the attendance of Giaka, there was another individual, who had introduced him to the United States Embassy in Malta, who initially acted as interpreter and subsequently as a source of information.
The CIA is protecting the identity this person who is identified in the *cables as "T1". In my opinion the identity should be disclosed. The person who lives in the St.Paul's Bay area and the name appeared on the first witness list released with the first indictment. As the address, the Maltese Police Headquarters was given. Then after a protests, the identity was protected!

Mr Giaka received the following sums from the CIA, part cash, part via his bank account at Switzerland in his name:
1989: US$ 13,000; 1990: US$20'000; 1991: US$26'000; and 1992: US$26,000 again.

*over 25 CIA cables Malta-USA about "material" (information and orders) from Giaka between August 1988 and 14th September 1991, when Giaka spirited aboard the USS Navy Vessel "Butte" and given asylum. In Giaka's first statement to the police, he does not remember if he worked on the 21th December 1988 when there was remember if he worked on the 21th when there was the Air Malta flight, KM180 to Frankfurt, the day that the prosecutors are saying that the bomb was sent from Malta Airport. But he used to work three times a week and he thinks form the roster he was there on that day.

Giaka says that he never saw Fhimah near the ticketing or the check in counter. Giaka told the CIA that once Fhimah in March 1986 opened a cupboard in Libyan Arab Airlines Office and showed him a beige coloured cartoon box and told him that that was 8 kilograms of TNT. Giaka told them that Fhimah told him that Al Megrahi gave it to Fhimah. Giaka says that there was "enough explosive to explode all of Malta" Quote from questionable statement, fiction...

On 7th-9th December 1988 were others than, Mr. Abdelbaset al Megrahi, in Malta; the following Agents against Megrahi (ESO) and Libya in Malta:

> Abd Al Majid, Giaka (aka Majid, Abdul Al) CIA agent. Giaka was official in the solde for CIA and lives since in the middle of 1991 under new intentität in the USA... Giaka worked at Luqa Airport between August 1988 and September 1989.

> Badri, Mohammed, Hassan, (ABH). Traveled after the visit to Malta for a doubtful *order back to Zurich Switzerland. *(delivered on 16th December 1988, piece of clothes filled into a brown suit-case to MEBO Ltd., with the request to Bollier to carry for a friend, forward this suit-case for its journey on 18th December 1988 to Tripoli. (The brown suit-case was not a "Samsonite" make, and the clothes were not identically with clothes found in Lockerbie)

Documents discussed at the Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh 18th-20th Februar 2009 revealed that Tony Gauci, the Crown's key witness in the case, should receive US$2m while his brother - described in papers as having some influence over Tony - should receive US$1m ?

Mr. Bell, the scottish police officer, sel a number of the same "Yorkie" pairs of trousers. (Zeist: Prod. 181, photograph 125, 181-103, 110, 111, Label 441, 442 photograph 103, 104 (delivery number 1705).
A number of fragments of cloth from a pair of checked trousers found allegedly in Lockerbie, shows photograph 107.

The sudden recollection Gauci' s after 11 years, to trial in Kamp van Zeist: The buyer of clothes in Marys House's was for Gauci, Abdelbaset al Megrahi...

By the beginning of 1990, eleven months before police showed Gauci the photo of Abdelbaset al Megrahi, on 15 February 1991, Gauci volunteered for police that his brother had shown him a newspaper photo of a Palestinian terrorist named Mohammed Abu Talb.
Abu Talb had been convicted in the 1985 bombing of a Northwest Airlines office in Copenhagen. In that earlier statement, according to the police transcript, Gauci said:

"I think the photograph in the newspaper may have been the man who bought the clothing. He looks like him." (Photo Q11)

The court in Kamp van Zeist regarded Gauci's police statement about Abu Talb, apparent as negligible... (is missing)

In photos with Megrahi's portrait, which Gauci was already shown by the police in the autumn 1990, Gauci not recognized Mr. Megrahi as the buyer of clothes!

Trial at Kamp van Zeist (2000) excerpt:
Q-Mr Gauci, we've been discussing a number of occasions in 1989 and 1990 when you had looked at various photographs. Do you agree with that?
A-Yes. Photographs at the police heatquarters, I mean. (at Malta)
Q-Now, I wonder if you could have before you again Production 469. And if you could turn to page 7 of this statement. And if I can remind you that this was a statement-- sorry, do you have the statement in front of you now?
A-Yes, I do.

Q-Turn to page 7, please. And if I remind you that this was a statement taken on the 10th of September 1990, on page 7, at line 11 of the page, the police have noted you as saying: I have been shown many photographs over the last ear, but I have never seen a photograph of the man who bought the clothing. And when you said that in September of 1990, was that the truth?

A-Yes, at that time, that was what I thought it was. I saw that in photos, and...
Q-If we move now to the beginning of 1991, and if you have before you Production 470, do you see that Production 470 is a further statement taken from you, dated 15/2/1991? And do see that you have signed the pages of this statement at the bottom?

Q-If I may read it to you, it says: On Friday, 15 Februar 1991, I attended at police headquarters, Florina, in Malta. Inspector Scicluna had asked me to come into the police office, and I agreed to come at 1.00 p.m. I arrived at the police office about 1.10 p.m. and I met Mr. Scicluna and Mr. Bell. I was then introduced to two other men, DC Crawford and SA Reid. I was told by Bell that he wanted me to look at a few photographs in an attempt to see if I could identify the man who bought the clothing from my shop. I was asked to try and picture the man in my mind, and I was told that the photograph of the man many not be in the photographs that I was about to be shown today.

One of the men, DC Crawford, then handed a card to Mr. Bell. He took brown paper from this card, and the card was placed on the table that I was seated at. I saw that the card was full of photographs of men. Could we have on the screen, please, Production 436. And do we see on the screen, Mr. Gauci, a card containing photograghs of 12 persons? Do you see that?

Q-The statement goes on to say: I looked at every photograph on the card, and I counted a total of 12 photographs on card. The first impression I had was that all the photographs werde of men younger than the man who bought the clothing. I told Mr. Bell this. I was asked to look at all the photographs carefully and to try and allow for any age difference I then pointed out one of the photographs, and I later counted the photographs from left as number I to the photograph at number 8.

I would say that the photograph at number 8 is similar to the man who bougt the clothing. The hair is perhaps a bit long. The eybrows are the same. The nose is the same. And his chin and shape of face are the same. The man in the photograph number 8 is, in my opinion, in his thirty years. He would perhaps have to look about then years or more older, and he would look like the man who bought the clothes.

It's been a long time now, and I can only say that this photograph 8 resembles the man who bought the clothing, but it is younger. I was asked to sign my name across the top left side of the photograph to indicate that this was the photograph Ihad identified to the police. I signed the photograph. I also signed a label for the card containing the photographs.
And if we pause there, if you look at the card, do you see that in the centre line of photographs, the card at the right-hand end-- the photograph at the right-hand end has your signature in the corner? Do you see that?
A-Yes. Yes.

Q-Is that the photograph to which you had been reffering?
Q-The statement goes on to say: Mr. Bell wrote down the statement for me. I can only say that of all the photographs I have been shown, this photograph number 8 is the only one really similar to the man who bought the clothing, if he was a bit older, other than the one my brother showed me. And what you said about this photograph in this statement at the time, was that the truth?
A-Yes, I have signed it, too. Yes, number 8.

Q-and when you said that this was the only one really similar to the man bought the clothing, if he was a bit older, other than the one my brother showed me, is that also the trut?
A-Of course. He didn't have such long hair, either. His hair wasn't so large.

NB. MEBO determines: On DC Crawford's card, Prod. 436, by the photographs of 12 persons, was no picture from Abdul Magjid Giaka, the Libyan CIA defector! At all photo demonstrations with Gauci, the picture by, Abdul Magjid, was suppressed !!!

Most photos of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi were from visa existence of the Swiss stranger police and was delivered to US and Scottish investigation authorities. To mention, the portrait color photo is, from Mr. Abdelbaset Ali Mohmet Al-Megrahi, with eyeglas, light blue shirt, dark-blue tie and dark-blue smock. This portrait was likewise published into magazines.

Beginning 1999 an other shopkeeper in the Tower Road showing Gauci a magazine with the portrait and a article and the about the Lockerbie disaster. (Prod. 451, image 67). Gauci taking the magazine and showing it to Mr Scicluna, the police officer. Gauci recognise the photograph and he say: "I thought he looked like the man who bought from me, but his hair was much shorter and he didn't wear glasses; this chap looks like the man who bought articles from me".
In April of 1999 Gauci visit with scottish police officers Holland, for a view an identification parade.
Intentional influence by the police officer before the parade exhibition.
Excerpt, trail Kamp van Zeist:

Q-And when you came to Holland to view the identification parade, did a police officer ask you to look at a line-up of men?
Q-How many men were the parade?
A-I think I remember there were eight. I don't remember if there were eight or six, but I believe there were eight.
Q-wery well. And do you remember the police officer who was conducting the parade saying to you these words: "The man whom you referred to in your statement to police entered your shop premises, Mary's House, 63 Tower Road, Sliema, Malta, midweek prior to 10th December 1988, and purchased clothin and an umbrella, may or may not be here. But if you see him, tell me his number."
Q--Do you remember the police officer saying these words to you?
Q-And after the police officer had said these words to you, did you look at the men in the line-up?
A-Yes, I looked and told him. I said, "This case was 11 years ago. I believe that the man who came to my--in my shop is number 5. But I also added that the case was 11 years ago. This is what I said.-------
please, Production 1324, image 5110.

Q-And can you see a paragraph number 4 towards the bottom of the page?
Q-And we can see that the police offer has written in the words that you spoke in response to the question that you were asked. And does it appear that he has written: Not exactly the man I saw in the shop then years ago. I saw him, but the man who look a little bit like exactly is the number five. Do you remember saying those words?
A-Yes. I think it was number five.
Q-Mr. Gauci, I wonder if now you would take a moment to look around this courtroom and tell me if you see the man who bought the clothing in your shop in 1988 in court here today.
A-He is the men on this side. He resembles him a lot. On this side, on my side.
Mebo: Gauci showed to Mr. Abdelbaset al Megrahi...

MEBO's backround Profiler says:
Gauci was instrumental in securing Megrahi's conviction when he recognized the suspect in a photo shown to him by the detectives.

All indications: the point in time, midweek on November or December 1988, the little rain around 19:00 hour, the umbrella sale, no Christmas decoration up, on the Tower Road, on this date and the football match on this time, after end of the football play, 18:44 hour Paul Gauci went before 19 hour to its brother Tony Cauci into the Boutique Mary's House.
Also this fact agrees with the date, Wedensday, 23th November 1988, confirms:
The sale to a unknown buyer in "Mary's House" was on Wedensday 23th November 1988. The other date, 7 of December is, no doubt's, wrong and thus Megrahi cannot be the cloths buyers !
NB: Mr. Abdelbaset al Megrahi, was not in Malta on 23th November 1988.

Each defense attorney would have with this quantity of exonerating indications the victory in the bag...

Today must be proceeded from a western planned security service conspiracy against Libya! The official Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was unmistakable selected for this dirty Action! Fatal consequences for Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, because Gauci's wrong statements and of a Phantom Bomb-Bag from Malta!

Justice for Megrahi.
Mr Abdelbaset have nothing to do with the Lockerbie-Tragedy. This has been a huge miscarriage of justice. Mr. Megrahi should be released from prison immediately!

by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd, Switzerland
Apology for the bad English