I Edwin Bollier, owner of the MEBO Ltd, an electronics firm in Zurich, was witness number 548, in the "Lockerbie Process" at the Scottish High Court, in Camp van Zeist (2000/01).

The court regarded me as an "untruthful and unreliable witness" and much of my testimony "belongs in the realm of fiction where it may be best placed in the genre of the spy thriller." To underline this, shortly before the opening of the trial they attached to me a criminal investigation by Swiss authorities, for 270 counts of murder. It was withdrawn after the trial ended.

However, the court accepted that I Edwin Bollier, had supplied MEBO MST-13 timers to both LIBYA and the DDR (East German STASI) but found that there was no positive evidence that the Stasi ever supplied the timers to the PFLP-GC terrorist group as the Defence suggested.

The wrong verdict against Mr Abdelbasset al-Megrahi and LIBYA was proclaimed by the Advocate, Lord AP Campbell QC, Advocate Depute; Turnbull QC, Advocate Depute; as well Lake and Armstrong, the Crown Agent.
The verdict accrued by accepting the false testimonies from officials under oath, as well as manipulated evidence parts, of a crucial MST13 timer circuit board (PT35). There is evidence that the judges have been deceived.

The Scottish verdict against Abdelbasset al-Megrahi and (LIBYA) was finally "constructed" on January 31, 2001, based on the following allegations:
The whole process in the Scottish Lockerbie evidence scam - against LIBYA and Mr Abdelbasset al Megrahi - is from A-Z a criminal reverse engineering with two manipulated MST13 timer fragments (PT35) and PT35/B).

Through facts, only available after the Scottish "Lockerbie Court judgement (2000/01) – the true declassified "SECRET FBI" report 262-23, supported with CIA report 88SP006 - has the potential to "checkmating" the case at the Scottish High Court of Justice in the upcoming "Lockerbie Appeal".

The Appeal Court will have now the opportunity to correct the wrong verdict by exonerating Abdelbasset al-Megrahi and LIBYA and - after nearly 20 years – and the court can win back their honour. The first preliminary hearing will take place on Friday, August 21st, 2020 at 10 am.

Why was in the worst-ever act of airline terrorism (PanAm 103) against the United States the decisive FBI report 262-23, dated August 20, 1990, classified as "SECRET” and in one of the largest criminal proceedings in the "Lockerbie case" embezzled?...
The obvious reason was that the FBI report 262-23 contains exonerative truths in favour of the accused. It unmasks crucial criminal manipulations by the Scottish investigators. Who deliberately misled the FBI lab in Washington!

The FBI Report has a "double face" and becomes the declassified "Pandora Box of Lockerbie" - therefore the exonerating report was classified as SECRET and in 2000/01, the defence of Abdelbasset al-Megrahi and LIBYA had no access!
Also, the judges where not aware of this secret FBI document. The declassified report has the potential to provide facts which could allow repealing the wrong verdict of the Court in Zeist. The content of this report must be recognized by the Scottish Appeal Court.

MEBO reproach:
1.) Only with the "shield" (SECRET), it was possible to withhold the crucial facts of the report - during the ongoing Lockerbie trial (2000/01) - from the defence of Abdelbasset al Megrahi and LIBYA!

2.) By withholding the FBI report and the silence, at the court of FBI witnesses under oath, FBI favoured the fraud of evidence about the doubtful discovery of the MST13 timer fragment (PT35) in a slalom shirt on the wrong date of May 12, 1989, and another mysterious date of September 15, 1989! The date in the FBI-report is indicated as January 1990. (this date is confirmed by BKA/Siemens document).

3.) The two false discovery dates allowed manipulating the Scottish evidence documents which supported the evidence fraud with the facts of an MST13 Timer Circuit Board (PT35) perfectly.
The first date 12 May 1989, for the black charred fragment (PT35) and the *second date 15 September 1989, for the green coloured fragment (PT35/B) was needed for the sophisticated and complicated evidence fraud and is detailed presented in a separate MEBO report.
*This date was changed from an incorrect third date September 10, 1990, reset to September 15, 1989...
With this date fraud, the black charred (PT35) circuit board) could be exchanged with a green coloured circuit board (PT35/B) - matching a MST13 timer delivered to LIBYA...

4.) Before the MST13 Timer Circuit Board (PT35) was discovered in a "slalom shirt" by experts Dr Thomas Hayes and Allen Feraday, at RARDE, on January 22nd, 1990, engineer Ulrich Lumpert has received in late 1989 (after November 15th) a phone call from an employee of the Swiss "BUPO" that they want to visit Lumpert the MeBo Office, but only if the two owners Erwin Meister & Edwin Bollier, are absent.
FBI expert Tom Thurman, together with a Swiss Official of the (BUPO) brought the fragment (PT35) to engineer Ulrich Lumpert to the MEBO Laboratory for a review. Lumpert made 3 scratch marks on the circuit board and scratched, clearly visible the letter "M" for Muster (sample) or MEBO on it.

How was it possible that the fragment was available for a review in autumn 1989 - before it was discovered in January 1990? Why...

Exert Q&A from the Court transcript: When asked by the judge to witness number 586, Dr. Hayes, Sworn, in the Lockerbie Process 2000/01, confirms Dr. Hayes the following:

Question: Well, you wrote the examination notes that are now paginated as page 51, did you not, Dr. Hayes?
Answer: I certainly did.
Question: And you record in those notes on page 51 that PT35/B was trapped in the collar of a shirt or in a piece of material?
Answer: Yes.
Question: So that fragment could not, presumably, have come to light, so far as the police were concerned before it is extracted from the cloth by yourself?
Answer: That is correct, yes.
Question: It would follow that it could not have been seen by the police prior the cloth being passed to you at RARDE and the article being extracted by you from the trapped area of material?
Answer: I'm sure that's the case.

Open question: Which official in Scotland hid the MST13 Timer Circuit Board (PT35) in the "Slalom" shirt between November 1989 and 22nd January 1990? “Operation Sandwood” from Scottish Police missed having a closer look into this significant mystery. The answer is simple – it would have changed the complete story around the discovery of the key piece of evidence.

“Operation Sandwood” from Scottish Police missed having a closer look into this significant mystery. The answer is simple – it would have changed the complete story around the discovery of the key piece of evidence.
After a “four years” investigation by Scottish Police “Operation Sandwood, the report has been delivered.
The result is deeply disappointing as there will be no criminal prosecution. It seems that lying under oath by officials and forensic experts, at the Court in Zeist, was not important enough for a prosecution.
Did they wilfully oversee the false statements by some of the officials? Official favouritism is a criminal offence by Scottish Police!

5.) The MST13 timer fragment discovered by RARDE on January 22, 1990, in a "slalom shirt" was a "black charred" circuit board, later designated as (PT35) and was photographed, (see proof colour photo No.117).
From August 20 1990, on the page (2) in the FBI report, the decisive "black charred fragment" was replaced by a green duplicate circuit board and shown as a "green coloured (PT35/B) circuit board" without the burn and other marks. Why?

6.) The Original evidence fragment PT35/a was brought by members of Scotland Police to Germany, led by DI William Williamson at the Siemens lab the fragment was cut into two (2) pieces. The reason for cutting and polishing the fragment was not mentioned to the Siemens engineers.

The reason for collecting information about the materials of the circuit board is not plausible. In the UK a piece of the fragment (on top) was already cut off before and allowed to identify the materials and it was possible to count the layers of the board. What a crazy move to cut a key piece of evidence into 2 pieces, PT35/a and DP31/a ...

7.) The Swiss Federal Police presented the owners of MEBO a high-resolution photo of a fragment allegedly found in the Lockerbie area. Meister and Bollier came to the conclusion that the photo shows a fragment of a MST-13 Timer – an early handmade prototype! Only machine made MST-13 Timers have been delivered to the Libyan procurement – but never handmade prototypes!

By revealing this fact it became clear that this fragment could not be used to blame Libya for the bombing of PanAm103. A new strategy was needed... A patchwork could change the situation. A part of a machine made Thuring board (like the ones delivered to Libya) –green coloured - was joined with the heavily burnt piece of the Original PT35 (cut by Siemens).

8.) Another decisive step in the cover-up... Instead of bringing the Original fragment PT35 for a comparison to the FBI Laboratory in the USA by the team around SIO Henderson, the handed over a machine made MST-13 circuit board. The comparison with a so-called Togo-Timer turned out positive.
No wonder as the Togo-Timer was made by Mebo and delivered to Libya, contain machine made Thuring boards.
Only with this tricky and false comparison it was possible to indict Libya. If they would have compared the handmade Original PT35 fragment as found in the Lockerbie area the result would have been completely different and without a chance to indict LIBYA.
The Secret FBI report was only declassified after the Court. It also includes the information that the fragment was discovered in January 1990. The circuit material used in handmade prototype timer was brownish and not green. Such timers have never been delivered to Libya only machine-made MST-13 Timers with green circuit boards. FBI must have been aware that it was not the real piece of evidence. At the time of the comparison, it was already cut in two pieces by Siemens (PT35/a and DP31/a) on 27, April 1990.
To indict Libya they desperately needed a green circuit board! The real PT35 – as found in the Lockerbie area and discovered by RARDE was of brownish colour!

9.) The fact that MEBO was manufacturing MST-13 Timers was known long before this FBI comparison.
The Intelligence part of 'BUPO' knew latest in autumn when contacting Mebo’s engineer Lumpert to review the (PT35) fragment. The name MEBO also appeared on export documents to LIBYA. (always carefully reviewed by the authorities). It sounds ridiculous that the Scottish investigators in early 1990 still running from Lab to Lab to find out the name of the manufacturer...
Was it deliberate or due to lack of information between the Intelligence Services and Police investigators?
If the discovery at RARDE dated May 1989 – as accepted by the Court – would be true, then the open question is why they waited until early 1990 to go from Laboratory to Laboratory with the fragment.

10) Police officer Kate Thomson acted as a witness at the first inspection of the MST-13 fragments by Edwin Bollier in Dumfries. Her task was to verify the colours of the fragment. We assume that this respected officer was not colourblind and confirmed the correct colours. (Large part of the fragment = green / Small part of the fragment = Carbonized brown).
She was not called as a witness at the Trial. A copy of the police report was available but without the statement of the witness. The statement of confirming of the colours would have made clear that criminal manipulations of the fragments occurred.

11) We are convinced that the fragment which was presented to the Court was manipulated. The small part looks as part of the original (PT35) brownish burnt fragment, but the larger green part was added and was not part of the real (PT35) fragment, first discovered at RARDE.
Remember: Only a green fragment could make the link to LIBYA. No wonder the fragment parts have allegedly not been tested on explosives.

Important to know:
The whole process in the Scottish Lockerbie evidence scam - against LIBYA and Mr Abdelbasset al-Megrahi - is from A-Z a criminal reverse engineering with two pieces manipulated MST13 timer fragment (PT35) and PT35/B).

After the first accusation against the IRAN, to be responsible for the attack on PanAm103 via Lockerbie, for political backgrounds from March 1989 on, a dodge was made and the track to LIBYA was built up.
The following facts support the assumption - that for this project - officials of the Scottish Police and experts of the Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment (RARDE) with manipulated DEBRIS and documents a foundation for an indictment against LIBYA and Mr Abelbasset al-Megrahi was built, which was supported with false witnesses statements of officials at the Lockerbie trial under oath.
To open an indictment against LIBYA, a professional-looking police investigation, supported by forensic results from the RARDE, was faked. Evidence suggests that from March 1989, by the Reconstruction of the aircraft and luggage containers, the Air Accident Investigation by investigators from Britain's AAIB found a fragment of a Toshiba radio recorder in the wreckage of the (PanAm103).
Early on, the Scottish Police assumed that an improvised explosive device (IED) disguised as a radio recorder crashed the (PanAm103) on December 21, 1988 (270 victims).
It can be assumed that with the help of secret services, the Swiss police, at the company MEBO AG, on June 22, 1989, illegally took possession of an MST13 timer board (prototype) - consisting of 8 layers of fibreglass - and handed it over to the US investigating authorities. The delivery to US authorities is confirmed by a document of the Swiss General Prosecutors office, signed by Peter Lehmann and Head of the department Michael Lauber.
From this MST13 timer board, a fragment was broken out - with special features - which was later marked as (PT35) at 'RARDE'.

On a faked additional page No.51, in the RARDE Report 181, the following debris parts were registered under the production number (PI'995):

Under Sequence:
(a) PT/35 - nine fragments of black plastics from the Toshiba SF16.
(b) PT/35 - a fragment of the circuit board from MEBO timer; was listed on page 51, as a green coloured circuit board, the corresponding color photo 117 shows the black charred circuit board!
(c) PT/35 - a small fragment of tinned copper wire
(c2) PT/35 - a small fragment of loudspeaker mesh from the Toshiba RT-SF16.
(c3) PT/35 - a small iron-based fragment.

The above materials have been was found between 1-22 January 1990, by expert Dr Thomas Hayes and Allen Feraday, at RARDE, in a slalom shirt. (Witness statements under oath but with false discovery date). The criminal timeline data of the discovery of the MST13 Timer Circuit Board PT35 > from Mai 12th 1989 and PT35 from September 15th 1989.
The fragment of a circuit board is found in PI/995 by Dr Hayes on May 12th 1989, according to page 51 of Dr Hayes notes. The police production logs for PT/35 record it as having been found by Dr Hayes at RARDE on May 12th 1989.

The first date on which the PT35 circuit board was found, May 12th 1989, was accepted by the Scottish court judgement. This date is still an important part of the wrong verdict. It is a monstrous lie and at the second lie date, September 15th 1989, also remained mysterious to the court...

We will report all our investigation results directly to the Scottish High Court to disclose the various manipulations and untrue testimonials by witnesses.
The relevant facts will be published to various institutions and media. A video documentation will additionally explain the complex case.


The Judges at the Lockerbie Court in Zeist have been deceived by manipulated evidence and lies under oath by officials and experts. We are appealing now to the 5 new Judges to review the documents filed by Lawyer Aamer Anwar. It is highly important to pay special attention to the new evidence and documents, especially around the PT35 Timer fragment, because these facts only came to light after the Court in Zeist. If they would have known it lead to a verdict of acquittal of the suspects!
The 5 Judges at the Appeal Court have now the opportunity and the power to overturn the existing verdict and to exonerate Abdelbasset al-Megrahi and Libya. The truth must prevail!
The further search for the real culprits must be directed in another direction!
Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and LIBYA, have nothing to do with the bombing of the PanAm103, over Lockerbie!
Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was not the clothes buyer at MALTA!
The further search for the real culprits must be directed in another direction!

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